Filipino Professionals To Face Global Competition


DAVAO CITY, Davao del Sur (PIA) – It’s fight or flight for the licensed Filipino professionals when global competition sets in as a result of the full implementation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Economic Community (AEC).

This was the challenge made by Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Commissioner Jennifer Jardin-Manalili to the 46 PRC-regulated professions that will have to compete with the ASEAN workforce.

The 46 professions belong to the four general areas including business, social and management, medical and health, and engineering and technology.

“The AEC will be characterized not only by free flow of capital and goods but also the free movement of services and skilled labor,” she said.

This is the reason why PRC is holding the series of Basic Free Trade Areas Information Sessions in different parts of the country before the Convergence of Professional for National Building and Global Competitiveness Summit in October. The Davao leg, which is the fourth, was held last week.

Manalili said the professions have to come up with their own road maps “so that our workforce will be ready when we open up even our services sector to the ASEAN countries.”

She added this is no longer just free trade of goods but also free trade of services.

“We are doing everything to prepare our workforce for 2015 because while it means ASEAN workers can already enter the country to work, it can also mean that our professionals will also get the chance to work in other ASEAN countries,” she added.

The AEC will facilitate the movement of people in the ASEAN Region and our professionals better be ready to compete with other professionals from these countries, she said.

The country implemented two strategies to meet the liberalization of professional workers by 2015. “One is the rapid assessments of professions where they will come up with competitive road maps and the other strategy is the holding of the Professional Summit.”

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