Most Filipino professionals believe they can ‘have it all’

Can you have a successful career and a full life outside work at the same time?

A recent study by Accenture, “Defining Success,” found that 70% of both female and male respondents say they can “have it all” — both a successful career and a full life outside of work. However, 50% said they cannot “have it all at the same time.”

A total of 4,100 business executives from medium to large organizations across 33 countries, including the Philippines, participated in this year’s online survey.

In the case of Philippine respondents, 75% said they can have both a career and family life. But more Filipinos (80%) said they can “have it all, just not at the same time.”

Having a good work-life balance is so important that many professionals choose a job based on its potential impact on work-life balance.Money

Globally, 52% said they have turned down a job due to concerns about its impact on work-life balance. Work-life balance is the respondents’ top definition of career success, ahead of money, recognition and autonomy.

Filipinos echoed the sentiments of their global counterparts. Some 63% decided not to pursue a job or rejected a job because of its impact on work-life balance.

Filipinos also defined success as having a good work-life balance (56%), more than money (46%), career advancement (33%), recognition (31%) and independence and autonomy (25%).

“Over the course of their careers, professionals will continue to define and re-define what success looks like. For many, career goals and personal priorities will take precedence at different times. As today’s professionals strive to find the right balance, leading companies will find innovative ways to help them develop, grow and thrive,” said Adrian Lajtha, Accenture’s chief leadership officer, in a statement.

Technology also plays a key role in helping professionals achieve work-life balance. But many respondents have mixed feeligs about its impact on their lives.

While 78% say that technology enables them to be more flexible with their schedules, 70% say that technology brings work into their personal lives.

Around 66% of Filipinos said that they check their emails even while on vacation and 61% say they catch up on regular work-related tasks. Another 40% said they act like they are on a regular work-day even on vacation. “The fact that work-life balance continues to be critically important to employees holds tremendous significance for employers,” said Nellie Borrero, managing director – global inclusion & diversity, Accenture.

“Companies that can help their employees navigate both their professional and personal lives are likely to see strong employee engagement and enjoy an advantage as they recruit and retain high performers,” he added.

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