Robert Walters Philippines launches Balik Bayan initiative for OFW’s who want to return home


Robert Walters Philippines launches Balik Bayan initiative for OFW’s who want to return home

With the Philippines economy developing in recent years and more multinational companies setting up their business in the country, job opportunities have opened up across various sectors. As more employers are seeking local talent with international exposure, Robert Walters Philippines has launched the Balik Bayan (which literally means “to come home” in Filipino) initiative to attract Filipinos currently living and working abroad to come back to the Philippines and find employment there.

Leveraging its global network across 28 countries, Robert Walters Philippines works very closely with these offices across the world to connect with Filipinos living abroad. These contacts are the foundation of their efforts to build a database of overseas Filipinos and maintain contact with talent keen on moving back home to their mother country.

Robert Walters Philippines is the first and only recruitment firm in the Philippines to launch Balik Bayan. This programme is overseen by a dedicated International Candidate Manager who is responsible for identifying and connecting with overseas Filipinos seeking opportunities back home. The Manager also shares market insights and career opportunities in the Philippines with overseas Filipino talent.

Eric Mary, Country Manager, Robert Walters Philippines, comments: “Since the launch of Robert Walters Philippines in July 2016, we have been working closely with both our clients and candidates to understand the market needs. There is a demand by employers for local talent with global business mindsets, international career experience, and niche skills. Based on our observations, 6 out of 10 overseas Filipino professionals are interested to return home to work. A key reason behind this is because they want to reside closer to their family.”

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